Hello everyone!

As part of my new responsibilities, I am to create and organize events for you all. :]

Previously, I stated in the announcement thread, "Even though I have a management title, my job is essentially to serve you all and make this forum even greater." However, I feel that in order to better understand the types of events that would benefit the Community and be entertaining for the persons involved, it is in our best interests to open a suggestion box.

I will not turn down any suggestion you have to offer, but I do ask that you form it in this manner, for organizational purposes:

Type of Event: [Contest, Stream, Fanfest, etc etc] Description: [You can put as much or as little information as you want in here]
You are also free to Private Message me at any time your suggestion if you do not want to post it here for whatever reason.

Thank you all and I hope to serve you well :]