Hello everyone!

So in my suggestion box, this was an idea of something for me to revive. And lo and behold!

This will be a monthly thing. Recordings will be on the 1st of every month, and it will be posted on the 3rd of every month. Due to lack of knowledge, this won't actually be a legitimate on-iTunes podcast. I will leave a link to the MP3 of the podcast underneath if you want to put it on an mp3 player. : ]

I also have a skype call recorder that I will be using for quality purposes.

Each month I'll post a topic gaming-related and I will randomly select three other people (who post) to join me in the month's podcast.

Rules & Guidelines:
- You must have Skype in order to participate
- Your mic MUST work, do some testing prior to posting, for all of our sakes'.
- Come prepared to speak, the podcast will get boring if only the host is speaking.
- Do not sign up unless you are absolutely certain you can do it.
- The Podcast will be PG for the sake of younger viewers. This means little to no swearing.
- Please keep the calls to only 4 people, including yourself. It gets confusing for listeners having more.
- If you were in a Podcast one month, you cannot be in the podcast for the succeeding month. (i.e. Every other month basis)

Comments or questions? Feel free to post them or message me in private. I'm open to any and all feedback.

-----And now...

February 2013:
Hilarity: Video Games as Movies

Recording February 16th, at 1pm CST

Below is a link that will help with the discussion.
[spoiler:3o2wnpze][WIKI YAY][/spoiler:3o2wnpze]

- Daskichan
- Gendarmeofficer
- Whitefox
- Notmman

Previous Podcasts:

[spoiler:3o2wnpze]January 2013:
BRAND NEW YEAR! Games of 2012, What We're Looking Forward to in 2013

Recording January 1st, at 3pm CST

- Daskichan
- cosmoid
- The16BitGeek
- the1stpkmnfan

Wanna listen? Click here:

February 2012:
Hyrule Historia : The Legend of Zelda Official Timeline and Encyclopedia

- Daskichan
- Sonic62
- BroBuzz
- Baltes

Wanna listen? Click here: