Ok, so I couldn't exactly find a place for this, it didn't feel right to put into skyward sword's thread or into the timeline one, and I thought we'd have a topic for zelda like sonic, unless that got relegated to the link to the past forum (how ironic if so).
But today I read a very, very fascianting (and long) article on zelda as it stands.


What I get from it is that zelda has lost focus, but that it was right after the second game. Almost felt like I was reading a save sonic article with the similarities being the franchise lost it's way after it's original few games run. I can agree that the formula has gotten a bit old, but to say that the games have been flawed since link to the past is huge. And it doesn't really give any concrete solutions to the problems it has with the series except a vague "in the spirit of demon's soul."(he himself says he struggles with this same problem) I dunno, what are your thoughts on the article? And no I can't provide a tl;dr for the fact that every bit of it is important, and I don't see any fat needing trimming.