The Events forum is, as from it's description
The epicenter of all events dealing with the community. These are community driven events that are TSG Sponsored.
Topics that belong here include:
- Community-run marathons and streams
- Small-scale events (ex. TSG Idol, Tournaments (of series other than Pokemon), etc.)
- Competitions (Art, Signature-related, etc)
- The CM Events Suggestion Box

If your thread does not fit the above guideline, it does not belong here.

* Please note:
- Marathons must be idea-driven that last more than one day, otherwise they belong in the Stream section.
- Repeated offenses of cancellations will result in having your privileges to post in this forum suspended. It is unfair to those who have agreed to give up their time to help your event if you last-minute cancel it, even more so if you continually do so.
- Events may NOT take place 1 week before the Main TheSpeedGamers marathons. Britt has stated this in a previous thread and it is a request we must adhere to.
- Events may also not overlap with one another. It is not only rude, but splits the community into those who attend one but not the other. Events are all about building community.
- Tournaments may not be Pokemon-related. Those are run by our Pokemaster, Calvin (ck14500). Any other series is acceptable.

If you have any questions or would like to know if your event fits within this forum, feel free to utilize my private message inbox.

Thank you all very much.