Final Fantasy VII is being re-released on PC through [strike:33a8ukk0]Steam[/strike:33a8ukk0](EDIT: Sorry not steam, seems it will be square's official site instead). This had been leaked and rumored a couple of times, but now it is officially announced. They will be adding achievements which I think is a plus. However, there will also be an option to [strike:33a8ukk0]buy levels and[/strike:33a8ukk0] edit stat[strike:33a8ukk0]boosts[/strike:33a8ukk0] which I truly hope no one will be guilty of wasting money on. I mean seriously just do some battles and level up. Anyways its an option for those with money to blow. I for one am somewhat excited since I was considering replaying this game.

I know this was discussed as a rumor in one of the recent the streams and just thought I would share and see what others have to say about it.

EDIT: Read comments below to see where I had made several mistakes reporting this. Guess I am not cut out for journalism