Good suggestions guys, I'll try to make this happen. I'd like to do Dead Island, but that'll have to wait until I can get a better microphone. The best way to play Dead Island is with a controller using the control sticks, so with my mic you'd just hear a ton of clicking noises and I don't want that. Hopefully I'll have a mic by next week, but if not I'll work something else out.

What I might end up doing if I can't get that headset is do a Kingdoms of Amalur quick look type stream, just to show off what the game has to offer. It's too long of a game to stream all the way through, but I like the idea of streaming some games a little just to get people interested. It is a good game. I like the idea of streaming older games like Half Life as well. Maybe that could be a regular thing.

I am hoping to stream Battlefield 3, but not me playing it seriously. Need a special someone to play it with me though so we can be real dumb. Mirror's Edge sounds good to me too, I love that game.