What games would you like to see be turned into a movie? Now in this perfect world video games get made into 5 star movies rather than the garbage we get served up now. Feel free to name actors to star in the movies if you want.

I would love to see Batman: Arkham Asylum and possibly Arkham City be turned into movies instead of the franchise being rebooted with another origin story or another story that only focuses on the Joker. I think if they worked with Paul Dini they could successfully adapt these two games to the big screen without losing any of the source materials major plot details.

A game that also looks like it and plays like it was made to be adapted into a movie is Heavy Rain. The game plays like an interactive movie and has so many different paths depending on how you play and the decisions you make. I can hear people saying now "You can't adapt a game that has 30 different endings and on any given play through you can have which characters die differ." Well this is where I think it has a huge selling point. They could create 5 or so different movies that are essentially the same but the characters who live differ and the endings differ. If the movie was a hit people would want to go back and see it in the hope of getting new endings and it would be a really cool thing if done correctly.