Hello everyone! I am here to present to the community with a Marathon for anyone who is interested. This marathon will be in the benefit of Anatotitan (Jazzaboo) and her recent illnesses that led to a large sum of medical bills that have left her in major debt to many hospitals and doctors. On the GiveForward site Ana has a reward for anyone who donates 50 dollars or more at one time and that is a picture drawn specifically for you and during the marathon I will be giving away some small prizes to those who donate to the cause.

When: The marathon will start on October 26th at 6PM Eastern until October 29th at 6PM Eastern.

What: The marathon will be a 72 Hour scary game marathon in the celebration of Halloween the following week

Why: I wanted to do anything I could for Ana the moment I heard about the troubles she was having because of how much she has helped not only TSG but SDA and other charity organizations. Ana has also been a staple at marathons with her Art pieces for auction and for donors

Where: The whole marathon will be on live.thespeedgamers.com site for the most amount of publicity.

What I need at this point is for people to start signing up for gaming and commentary slots so that we can have constant content for the marathon.

Commentary slots are all in Eastern Time and will be in 3 hours segments and if a person would like they can have two shifts in a row, just post what time(s) you would like to commentate and I will put you on the schedule for the time you requested.

Gaming slots timings will be based on how long an individual believes they will need on a game. To sign up for a gaming slot please include the game you would like to run, what time in Eastern would be best for you to play as well as at least one backup time, approximately how long the game will take you to beat.

The term scary game can be very broad but as long as the game has some dark undertones to it that will be fine. I won't have too many restrictions on what games can be played and if anyone is curious if the game they want to run fits you can PM me and I will evaluate the game.

Quick Excerpt from Anaís post on GiveFoward

ďI have three different hospitals demanding money. Not to mention the ER doctors, the ambulance drivers, and the gastroenterologist. I already paid the surgeon and the lab techs, but that hardly scratches the surface here. I have no insurance, and I don't know what else to do.Ē

Link to Ana's Give Forward Campaign: http://www.giveforward.com/charityartis ... icalbills#

[spoiler=Commentator Listo7uorqi]gendarmeofficer

[spoiler=Commentary Schedule (Eastern Time)o7uorqi]Friday October 26th
6PM - 9PM -
9PM - 12AM - untuxable

Saturday October 27th
12AM - 3AM -
3AM - 6AM -
6AM - 9AM -
9AM - 12PM -
12PM - 3PM -
3PM - 6PM - colwin1
6PM - 9PM - gendarmeofficer
9PM - 12AM -

Sunday October 28th
12AM - 3AM -
3AM - 6AM -
6AM - 9AM -
9AM - 12PM -
12PM - 3PM -
3PM - 6PM -
6PM - 9PM -
9PM - 12AM - Blaumagier

Monday October 29th
12AM - 3AM - Stonepaw
3AM - 6AM - Dellyflo613
6AM - 9AM -
9AM - 12PM -
12PM - 3PM -
3PM - 6PM -[/spoilero7uorqi]

[spoiler=Game and Player Listo7uorqi]FrenchToast1 : Amnesia or Lone Survivor
AnythingButAwesome: Black Mesa
scooterdude95: Binding of Isaac
Emptyeye2112: Super Castlevania IV
Blaumagier: Home, Siren Blood Curse, Ghosts & Goblins Golden Knights 1 & 2
puwexil: Parasite Eve
romscout: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
RaneofSoTN: Sweet Home
AlanEdgeHead: Splatterhouse 1 & 2
the1stpkmnfan: No More Heroes 2
NYVideoGameFreak: TBD[/spoilero7uorqi]

[spoiler=Gaming Scheduleo7uorqi]TBA[/spoilero7uorqi]