Hey everyone!

Many of you probably remember that I hosted community marathons the previous two summers. After talking with some friends today, we've decided to host another one!

This summer's marathon will be called the Game Boy Extravaganza, and, as you can probably guess, the theme will be games released on the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance. All of those systems are eligible to be played in this marathon, and I hope all are represented in some form! As per usual, we'll be gaming for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The marathon will be held for 72 hours from May 10 through May 14. We'll have up to two different gaming streams going at all times, so there shouldn't be problems with having too many players.

A few things to take note of:

- As much as we all love Pokémon, I'm limiting the marathon to a single Pokémon game. That way we won't just have everyone playing that series. It'll be first come, first serve as for which game is played and by whom, so call it if you want it!
- For chat ops, don't feel bad if you're not chosen. I only need a certain number, but I'm open to as many volunteers to choose from as possible!
- There will again be raffle prizes for this marathon that will be given away. I'm still working to get those, but we'll for sure have some.

So, yeah, let me know that you want to commentate, moderate, and game (and which game!), and we'll get this show on the road!

Gaming Schedule
[spoiler:1jq931fd]Note: First game listed is for the primary stream


Friday, May 10

6pm-9pm: Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey (Robert - In-House)/Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon (jakepeter)
9pm-12am: Super Mario Advance 2 (AlanEdgeHead)/The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Gendarmeofficer)

Saturday, May 11

12am-3am: Mario Tennis: Power Tour (the1stpkmnfan)/Castlevania: The Adventure (Iron Punkle)
3am-6am: Kirby's Dream Land (Mplay213)/Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GamerDavid)
6am-9am: Metroid Zero Mission (TheSecretStaraptor)/Final Fantasy Bonus Dungeons (MegaKidIcarus)
9am-12pm: Wario Land 4 (MattThePatrat)/Final Fantasy Bonus Dungeons (MegaKidIcarus)
12pm-3pm: Super Mario Advance (Wolf of Storms)/Final Fantasy Bonus Dungeons (MegaKidIcarus)
3pm-6pm: Sonic Battle (spn_phoenix_92)/Pocky and Rocky with Becky (Dellyflo613)
6pm-9pm: Super Mario Advance 4 (AlanEdgeHead)/Boktai (Blaumagier)
9pm-12am: Fire Emblem Part 1 (Jeffrey - In-House)/Boktai (Blaumagier)

Sunday, May 12

12am-3am: Harmony of Dissonance (Iron Punkle)/Puyo Pop and Super Mario Advance 3 (Wolf of Storms)
3am-6am: Hamtaro & The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Part 1 (Kennyan)/Fire Emblem: TSS (GamerDavid)
6am-9am: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Part 2 (Kennyan)/Fire Emblem: TSS/Mario & Luigi (GamerDavid)
9am-12pm: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Part 1 (Jasef - In-House)/Sonic Advance (Sonic62)
12pm-3pm: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Part 2 (Jasef - In-House)/Shantae (Blaumagier)
3pm-6pm: Shantae (Blaumagier)/Metroid II: Return of Samus (Emptyeye2112)
6pm-9pm: Pokemon Blue Speedrun (Ice)/Fire Emblem Part 2 (Jeffrey - In-House)
9pm-12am: Wizards and Warriors X (Dellyflo613)/Donkey Kong '94 & A Boy and His Blob (Blaumagier)

Monday, May 13

12am-3am: Pocky and Rocky with Becky (Dellyflo613)/Mother 2 (Blaumagier)
3am-6am: Metroid Fusion (JaggerG)/Dragon Warrior I (Blaumagier)
6am-9am: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (GamerDavid)
9am-12pm: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (GamerDavid)/In-House
12pm-3pm: Crash Bandicoot Double Feature (Untuxable)/Pokemon Trading Card Game (Nickyv917)
3pm-6pm: Advance Wars (Alex - In-House)/Dragon Warrior II (TheSecretStaraptor)[/spoiler:1jq931fd]

Commentary Schedule
[spoiler:1jq931fd]ALL TIMES CST!!!

Friday, May 10

6pm-9pm: In-House
9pm-12am: Ice

Saturday, May 11

12am-3am: GamerDavid
3am-6am: MattThePatrat
6am-9am: MalkanorBek
9am-12pm: Crysagee
12pm-3pm: In-House
3pm-6pm: Jefferlope
6pm-9pm: PokemonCheese & Andrew
9pm-12am: In-House

Sunday, May 12

12am-3am: Alxamei
3am-6am: MattThePatrat
6am-9am: MalkanorBek
9am-12pm: In-House
12pm-3pm: Stonepaw & Sister
3pm-6pm: Crysagee
6pm-9pm: In-House
9pm-12am: Untuxable

Monday, May 13

12am-3am: Alxamei
3am-6am: Iron Punkle
6am-9am: MalkanorBek
9am-12pm: Jefferlope
12pm-3pm: GamerDavid
3pm-6pm: In-House FINALE!![/spoiler:1jq931fd]

List of Chat Ops (Final)
[spoiler:1jq931fd]- Crysagee
- AlanEdgeHead
- Stonepaw
- Daskichan
- Nickyv917
- Alxamei
- the1stpkmnfan
- Iron Punkle
- MissPokemonCheese
- Sangome
- Heufneutje[/spoiler:1jq931fd]