Welcome to the community, first of all. We hope you enjoy your stay here and hope you have many fun memories in your time here.

As for the announcement, first and foremost, I am going to say that this post is a long time coming. Every marathon, we see a huge increase in site and forum traffic, a large number of new community members, and a lot of new posts in the forum. This is a great thing, however, we also get a lot of people wanting to simply capitalize on the high traffic during marathons and make a post advertising a Let's Play with absolutely no intent on being part of this community. Because of this, I am going to be removing links and/or deleting posts (deleting posts that have links in their signature, mainly) of new members that advertise Let's Plays until the marathon traffic dies down from now on. If you are one such new member, I encourage you to post in other sections of the forum as well as continue to post your questions and feedback for others in this section, but I ask you to wait a few weeks until after the marathon is over before posting your Let's Plays. Screen Shot Let's Plays are fine, since they don't redirect traffic away from our forum and pretty much require you to be active. All I ask with SS LP's is to put your updates with pictures in spoiler tags to help both with the loading of the page and browsing for mobile users.

Feel free to jump right in posting a Screen Shot Let's Play - I don't even mind if you post it and never update it or login to the forum again - it does not redirect traffic away from this site and is AOK. But do please put your updates with pictures in spoiler tags. It helps with page loading and, in particular, with mobile users browsing the page. As for videos, since these redirect traffic away from the site, we require that you be an active member of the community in order to advertise these. The best place to start is with a Meet 'N Greet topic introducing yourself. From there, I'd suggest finding parts of the forum you are interested in. Even if Let's Play is the only section you are interested in, that's okay too, you can be active in this section without advertising - give other people feedback or even ask or answer questions about help. If you post a video Let's Play and don't remain active, your post is likely going to be deleted. We will give you warning before it happens, but don't be surprised when it does happen if you fail to heed the warnings. NOTE: We are people, not heartless machines, if you've gone away on an extended vacation, just say so before you go on it and we will leave you alone til you get back.

Thank you for your understanding and keep on being awesome, everyone!