Hey guys! On this day, I think it's time to go back in time to a family that moves into a farmhouse where supernatural things have happened years ago. What could possibly go wrong? For another horror work by James Wan, this is actually one film that you should actually see.

You Should See: The Conjuring
Director: James Wan (Saw, Insidious)
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Studios: New Line Cinema, The Safran Company, Evergreen Media Group
MPAA Rating: R (For sequences of disturbing violence and terror)
Release Date: July 19, 2013 (Theatrical Release); October 22, 2013 (DVD & Blu-Ray Release)

Okay, so let me start by asking you guys this: In almost every haunted house movie that you have seen in the past years of your life, was there ever a moment during any of those films that makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs, "Hey, if you're that scared, then why don't you people do yourselves a favor, and just move out of that freakin' house!?" Now fortunately, I think that The Conjuring deserves some serious credit for addressing this exact issue, maybe once or even twice. However, I still believe that when the doors slam shut on their own and ghostly images appear in bathroom mirrors and hallways, and voices are heard through the night, and pictures come flying off the walls, and the children keep screaming that they're seeing extremely creepy things, here's what you should do:
Just get the $@#% out of the &@%$ing house!

Okay, now about a few weeks ago, I saw The Conjuring on Blu-Ray that my father rented for him and my stepmother to watch, and I'll admit right now, it may sound like another boring excuse for every jump-in-your-seat moment in the books, but director James Wan, who also directed Saw (2004) and Insidious (2011), may have created the best horror film out of every horror film he has directed in the past. Academy Awardģ Nominee Vera Farmiga (Up In The Air, Source Code) and Patrick Wilson (The Phantom of the Opera, Insidious) pair up as well-known demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, whose works inspired The Amityville Horror (1977 Novel) and The Haunting in Connecticut (2009 film), and before any of said cases ever happened, there was a more frightening case that neither they, or their clients, have ever told until almost 30 years later, when this film was made, and reminding us of why Farmiga and Wilson make a pretty good ghost hunting pair. Based on actual events, as with some of more recent true-story films that have been released this year, The Conjuring is set in Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1971. Farmiga and Wilson are joined by Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers) and Lili Taylor (Short Cuts, Almost Human), both who play Roger and Carolyn Perron respectively. Roger and Carolyn, along with their five adorable daughters (played by Shanley Caswell, Hayley McFarland, Joey King, Mackenzie Foy, and Kyla Deaver), move into a dilapidated farmhouse in Harrisville, hoping to begin a new life. However, it takes approximately a whole 24 hours for things to suddenly go bump in the night, and after those 24 hours things start to get extremely creepy. So, after about a few days of increasingly paranormal activity, Roger and Carolyn decide to contact the Warrens for some help, and the Warrens soon find out that there is a demon that, as stated by Lorraine in one of the trailers for this film, has latched itself to the Perrons, and so the Warrens must face off against the demon that haunts the Perrons in one of the most terrifying cases in their carreers.

What's ironic about this film was that it was in production for over about 20 years, after Ed played a recording of their original interview with Carolyn for one of the producers of this film, who then described his vision of what would ultimately be The Conjuring. After seeing the film on Blu-Ray, I think that this film matched what the producer had visioned during that time. In addition, the editing was nice and well-crisp, and the music, composed by Joseph Bishara, who previously worked with Wan during the production of Insidious, is well-timed to give us those terrifying jump-in-your-seat moments that come in almost every horror film you have seen in recent memory. Even Lorraine herself visited the set of The Conjuring during filming and even had an interview alongside with Wan. I also feel some strong bonds that don't normally come with every haunted house film that I have seen recently, and an good example may be when Farmiga and Taylor bond together over strong family ties in one of the best exorcism scenes I have seen in a paranormal horror film in recent memory. Good performances by both Farmiga and Taylor, and good direction from James Wan, this is by far one of the best Wan films I have seen.

Of course, there's the constant reminder that this film is based on actual events, however, you already know that there is an Ed and Lorraine Warren (Ed passed away in 2006, but Lorraine is still alive and currently continues to assist with investigations), but there was actually a Perron family that went through those horrifying moments in 1971, and one of the daughters, Andrea Perron, just about a few weeks before the release of this film, wrote to Herner Klenthur of HorrorMovies.ca and confirmed that The Conjuring is based on the true story, even though she mentions that the film was based on the case files of the Warrens and not based on her trilogy entitled "House of Darkness House of Light" (Source). In addition, one of the trailers for this film, posted on the Warner Bros. Official YouTube Channel, shows the Perrons actually telling their story from their perspective.

Overall, The Conjuring may be one of the most frightening horror films in recent memory, one of the best James Wan films ever made, and one of the best leading cast from Farmiga, Wilson, Taylor, and Livingston. With a box-office success at the time of it's release, and highly positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it's a great film from James Wan, if you haven't see it, do get it now on DVD & Blu-Ray, On Demand, or via Ultraviolet Digital Download. Be warned, though, as it is an R-rated film, like most of Wan's previous works, so do watch it if you dare.

If you want a good haunted house movie that will make you hide under your pillows and blankets on a nice sofa, or if you just want a film that will give you good scares, then you should see The Conjuring.
SCORE:3Ĺ out of 4 - The Conjuring is defiantly an absolute must-see for horror fans!