...is that inherently a bad thing? I don't understand, are they like, covered in pesticides? I imagine not because Life is handing them to you, although I might rinse them off regardless because lemon trees are dirty.

People's first instinct is apparently to make lemonade. That seems like such a hassle. You have to squeeze the lemons so thoroughly, and depending on the size, you might not even get that much juice. And besides, nobody said anything about Life handing you sugarcane. Do you have to already have sugar? I think it makes more sense to just eat it straight-up like an orange. Hopefully it doesn't squirt into my eyes. But the point is, lemons are pretty good by themselves. If Life handed me lemons, I'm not gonna take offense. It's free lemons, dude.

I might be annoyed if Life chucked lemons at my face. That could be dangerous, and is blatantly disrespectful. But if Life just comes up to me and says "Hey, interested in some lemons? Here you go!" and just drops them in my lap, that's fine by me. Hypothetical thanks to you, Good Guy Life!