Hello internet, I've been looking for a new hobby for awhile. I chose writing since I've always been very passionate about it since Middle School. I am not only hoping to brush up on my skills, but also expressing myself creatively.

Here, I am journalizing my playthrough of Pokemon Omega Ruby and giving my tidbits on the game as a whole. It's still a work-in-progress sort of thing and so far, I have 3 days completed. If you don't want to be spoiled about the games, I'd advise you not to read it. But, if anyone is interested in reading it, link is down below. I feel that I've put a good amount of effort into this and I want people to read it.

Any form of good constructive criticism or feedback would very much be appreciated. Remember, this isn't going to be the most professional thing you'll see since I am still new to this.

Updates may vary and I can't guarantee that there will be a daily update on it since I also have college work to attend to.

Alright, enough talk, just enjoy the show.