I think I should make an introductory post before continuing this project. Sometime during January; I started a let's play of Pokemon Red. It was a rather fun project as I could post my thoughts on the game while making a few corny jokes. During this last month though, my interest started to decline. Not because I was getting bored of the project, it was because of the webpage I used to upload each part. Blogger has a rather unreliable interface and it will lag like no tomorrow.

I decided to seek help through various sites on the internet, and it turns out that guide-based let's plays are actually meant to be posted on forum boards. And because I've annoyed people on the Fire Monkey Technology board here, why not start posting here?

I'll post a link to the old Blogspot as it will just be too time consuming to upload each part onto this new forum. If you've watched Slowflake's Pokemon Red LP, you won't be too impressed by the team I've chosen to use. I plan on using different teams later on, but the Pokemon selection here just doesn't appeal to me, even Moltres barely made it to the cut.

Here is the link to the first 20 parts:


I'll be sure to have a new part out on Monday at the latest. Just sit back and roll your eyes at those old parts.