Hey, I'm turpinator, but most people just call me "turp". I came to the site to clear up a mail discrepancy I suspect may have occurred related to TSG. However, I feel that I may return in general to enjoy myself as a regular user after things are sorted, so I decided to say hi here as per traditional netiquette.

I do minimalist art and designs, and am also a streamer in my own right, in fact, me and my team just finished running Extra Life this past weekend! Nothing nearly as successful as TSG, but a record breaker in my team nonetheless. I can be pretty knowledgeable about most games, and can answer many questions within my expertise, like Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, or Metroid. At the very least, I'm not unfamiliar with Forum goings-on and am very familiar with the human super power called "Common Sense". ;P