If you are new to the TSG, you probably would like to do the same thing as the TSG do, but you will need help. At this topic, you have some tips on how to start your own stream!

Here are some tips:

Find a streaming host

When you stream, you will need a host to stream with. The three most popular ones are Ustream (the one TSG uses), Justin.tv, and Blogtv.com. The most popular and recommended stream host is Ustream. When you find the one you want to use, make an account and make a channel.

Have a decent video source

People love a stream that they can see stuff clearly on, so you will need a decent video source. Remember, if this is an audio stream, you don't need this. If you wanna stream video games, a capture card is the best way to go. To use these, you will need a television, an in/out audio source (the yellow/red/white things on the TV), a video cord (has the yellow/red/white thing on both sides), and the capture card itself. If you don't have/can't get one, a simple webcam will do the trick (also for just talk broadcasting). If you wanna broadcast your computer screen, manycam (windows) or Camtwist (Mac) can be used to capture your computer or be used to show your webcam! If you wanna stream video games, You can use an emulator, but remember it is illegal if you don't own a physical copy of the game you are going to stream. Remember to follow the rules of the website and laws about video broadcasting while streaming video.

Have a decent audio source

A stream is really fun when there is a commentator talking up a storm! To do this, you will need a microphone. This is not needed, but is pretty fun. If you can't, talk in the chat. You can get a decent microphone at Wal-mart for around 10$ (US) at the cheapest. Some webcams also have microphones, those can be used, too. My laptop came with a built-in microphone, but I do not recommend a built-in one because it has a lot of bad sounds. You can also use a Rock Band microphone to use as an audio source. If you want the game audio, use your mic input on your computer (as far as dazzles go). When you talk, be sure to talk a lot. It isn't fun to have a stream where you have a person who could talk, but isn't. Be sure to follow the site's rules and laws about audio broadcasting while broadcasting audio.

Realize lag

When you stream, the viewers don't see what you are seeing Immediately after you do it (most of the time). This is lag. Remember when you stream, remember people will not reply right after you say something, so keep that in mind.

Choose fun topics/games

When you stream, people want to always be excited, not bored out of their minds. Try to talk about something fun, or something current in the news. Try to get the chat active. If you are streaming a game, play something interesting. No one like looking at frets disappear on Guitar Hero the whole time.

Stay enthusiastic/interested/active

People want the streams to be fun, so stay active. It isn't fun for people to sit there watching nothing while you blank out, make sure you are still showing interest in the chat/stream. Showing enthusiasm is a great way to get the chat living and running, and the people in the chat will wanna reply. When people aren't replying, you aren't being active enough. Make sure the chat knows you wanna talk, they won't really start making a huge conversation on their own most of the time.

Have more people helping you

When you stream, there is always someone who wants to ruin the fun. People will usually come into the chat and continuously post meaningless and annoying stuff, called spam. When this is happening, it is good to have someone else helping, an OP. They will help control the chat, making the experience more fun. Don't go overboard with OPs, and only OP people you trust.

Have fun!

Don't do something boring while streaming, have fun!

Thanks for reading this, have fun with your future streaming! Be sure to read the rules of the website you are going to stream on, you don;t wanna go against the rules.