General: Hey there guys, this is kingofeds with a review of Guitar Hero 5. As the 12th game in the Guitar Hero set, I was beginning to wonder if Activision and Neversoft would ever run out of good songs to put into Guitar Hero. This game is starting to make me think if that time has come... I got this game the day it came out and after recently beating the Career, definitely showed me GH5 left a bit to be desired. Sure it was fun the first 20 times I played the Party Play, and the new minigames, but when it came down to it, the game just wasn't what I expected.


Presentation: 7.5/10
I thought the presentation was okay. The manual once again was lacking in the category of explaining things and the packaging is running out of good ideas too. The idea of Guitar Hero 5 in white letters in its not GH-style lettering was rather disappointing. The menu was okay, but it felt very cluttered with stuff that I shouldn't see on the front menu and the idea that you had to press the +/Start button just to get into the game was confusing considering I'm used to doing the "Press Any Button" thing. The load time wasn't as bad as previous games, but it was horrible when it came to reloading times. I would rather have the quick rebound like GH3 had with the, you hit restart and it loads again very quickly.

Graphics: 8.8/10
The graphics in this game definitely improved from the previous games as the clothing texture seemed more real and the crowd actually looked somewhat like a crowd instead of a mass of blobs. I believe they also took out the imprints of the colored frets on the guitars which was also good because nobody wants to see you playing real guitar on stage in front of a huge crowd and have colored buttons on it. The Create-A-Rocker definitely could of done better, but wasn't bad in any respects.

Sound: 5.9/10
I cringe at the thought of this playlist. I admit that "2 Minutes To Midnight", "Shout It Out Loud" and "No One To Depend On" got catchy after a while, but in all honesty, I didn't recognize half of these bands that were used and the introduction of the newer music, most of which I hate, was the worst mistake that Activision and Neversoft could of made. And don't even talk to me about DLC... The downloadable content for Guitar Hero in general was horrific ever since they added the Wii into the DLC scene. I want to see 3 things happen to Guitar Hero songs: Stick with the classics, bring in popular ROCK or METAL songs [Not the crap of rap and stuff that you find on the radio these days] if you want to do modern day music, and get better DLC!

Gameplay: 6.7/10
I was rather disappointed by the gameplay of Guitar Hero 5. The luster wore off after a while. I got rather bored of Party Play with my friends because it was always the same thing and it was annoying after a while. The Mii Freestyle for the Wii isn't that great either cause just playing random notes gets boring and the point isn't very obvious, at least I haven't found it yet... The introduction of the Rock Record, however, is one of the new features that I do like because it shows you how well you do [at least, that's in my case... for some, that might mean showing you how bad you do, but whatever]. I also disliked the idea of meshing the Co-Op Career and Solo Careers together. The idea of having to use all the instruments to get 100% in the game is also annoying to me because I don't have a free $190 lying around to get me every single instrument. Overall, not great gameplay.

Lasting Appeal: 3.9/10
The lasting appeal on this game is horrific... I am already bored of it and I've only had it for 2 months... The multiplayer isn't any fun when there's nobody around for you to use it and when there are people around, most of them usually are on a lower difficulty and kick your butt because of the averaging of the scores in each difficulty to make it "fair" for the lower difficulty people. Seriously, if you want to win, move to a higher difficulty and not force the people who can play on higher difficulties suffer because they do more work for less points. WE DON'T LIVE IN THE 1900s/10s WHERE THE WORKERS DID MORE WORK FOR LESS MONEY! I don't even feel the need to play all of the songs in quickplay like I usually do because of such bad songs and such repetitiveness...

OVERALL: 4.8/10 (Poor)
RECOMMENDATION: Rent for a few days to play some of your favorite songs and some of the more fun songs, but if you didn't preorder it for the free Van Halen game, don't bother buying it. Go buy GH3 and a guitar.