Well me and my partner for our gaming channel. We have a couple of LPs going on. But i would suggest something easy and basic really. Even FPS would be good because they are pretty straight forward unlike some rpgs that require you to do some off camera grinding. Usually many LPers don't show the grinding because usually getting alittle boring at times espically for games like skyrim. For example we are working on Half life 2 at the moment. Then we are going to be releases a filler LP until our next major project is released which will be a rpg. And trust me at the moment im sorting starting to work on some of the effects with it and it takes alot of time and is starting to effect my progress with half-life 2 really at the moment. But i would suggest something easy and specially something that you know pretty well. And the most important thing would be make sure its a game you enjoy because if you don't enjoy it you will have a hard time working on it. I hope that this info will help you out.